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  • ...s postal Gyaanipedia (patikilyèman gyaanimedia-l, ak ekivalan ba-trafik li yo Gyaanipedia Anonse), chanèl IRC sou freenode, wikis endividyèl nan afilye
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  • ...Encyclopedia ti ko ni akoonu ẹnikẹni ti o le ṣatunkọ awọn nkan {{Category:yo}} ni ede Yoruba</div> * Rii daju pe o fi <code> <nowiki>[[category:yo]]</nowiki> </code> sii ni gbogbo nkan ti iwọ yoo ṣẹda. </div> </div>
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  • Gyaanipedia Outreach va Gyaanipedia Strategy singari meta-yo'naltirilgan vikilar meta-vikidan kelib chiqqan ixtisoslashgan loyihalardir.
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  • [[category:yo]]
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